Thanks and questions (was: nep deformation and pitchers)

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Date: Sun Feb 21 1999 - 02:27:37 PST

Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 11:27:37 +0100
From: Christer Berglund <>
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Subject: Thanks and questions (was: nep deformation and pitchers)

Hi Alastair,

Thanks for the very interesting information.

> When I was atop the summits of G. Trus Madi and G. Mulu last
> summer, I noted daytime air temperatures in excess of 25 degrees,
> and soil temperatures up of 30 degrees, so these plants can take

Did you by any chance see N. lowii in both locations? If so, did
you see any differences in their habitat (or temperature). Yes, I'm
interested in this species too, and I'm hoping to find a form that might
be more warmth tolerant.

> By the way, do you know of anyone who has spare
> plants of N.bicalcarata to sell?

I wish I could help, but unfortunately I don't know anyone who grow
this species.

Hey CPeople!

I've read that some of you on this list have visited Borneo, to look at
nepenthes. Where is the best place to go for a beginner (Mt. Kinabalu?),
and when did you arrange/reserve the hikes? Before going to Borneo, or
at the actual spot?


Christer Berglund

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