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Date: Thu Feb 18 1999 - 01:22:19 PST

Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 01:22:19 PST
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Subject: Part I bis - Medical uses of CP

 The oncologists told me there really was no hope of saving my life.
 explained. "They said that they would try chemotherapy; if I was still
 they would then give me radiation; if I remained alive, they would
 send me for surgery." I asked "What will all this do for me?" And they
 answered, "Just buy you a little time." Immediately, therefore, my
 bought us airline tickets for Bad Steben and we left for me to have
 "I received one three-hour intravenous injection a day, Monday to
 I had no side effect; except to feel better. Gradually I gained a sense
 well-being. "The appearance of my breasts came back to normal. The
 blackness and inflammation totally disappeared, " Williarns said. Mr.
 Mrs. Williams remained with Dr. Keller for three months. "At home,
 I take Carnivora intramuscular injections five days a week,
 by my husband," Mrs. Williams explained.
 I speak to Mrs.Williams about once a month. Her cancer is completely
 and, since the time of her deadly diagnosis nearly 2 years ago, it has
 returned. Now, my wife, who has breast cancer, is taking Carnivora
 as part of her cancer therapy She has been doing so since our first
 visit to
 In addition to its success in cancer, Carnivora has had a dramatic
 effect on
 patients infected with HIV, the virus cited as the cause of AIDS .
 Dr. Keller learned that various strengths of the Carnivora formulations
 work for all diseases in which immune stimulation and modulation are
 Besides having the ability to reduce the growth rate of tumor tissue,
 Carnivora increases the number and activity of the sick person's
 cells and other immune system components I have observed laboratory
 readings on HlV-positive patients, recorded by Dr. Keller and some
 holistic physicians. The patients' T-helper cell counts rose from as
 as 11
 per cubic mil-limeter of blood ro well beyond 700, while the
 cells decreased sharply. This makes the individual\\355s important
 helper/suppressor ratio almost normal.
 The most surprising, result has been Carnivora's direct effect in
 the viability of the HIV. Quite simply, an identified biochemical
 in Carnivora kills the AIDS virus. Also, the Beta-2 Microglobulin
 measures the amounts of plasma proteins produced by HIV, decreases.
 rest for beta-2 levels is judged to be the most accurate of all
 predictors of
 HIV progression to AIDS. A decrease in beta-2 levels indicates that
 patient is not advancing to full-blown AIDS.
 Because Carnivora is not approved in the U.S., American doctors are
 by law from stocking or prescribing it for patients. Such
 come from an attending physician outside of the country. Therefore,
 Keller, the extract's developer, offers the appropriate protocol to
 with cancer, AIDS, or some other degenerative or infectious disease who
 furnish him with medical records. Also, any patient who suffers from
 threatening illness has the right to import a three-month supply of
 or other non-FDA-approved remedies for his or her personal use. This
 done, there are two methods by which Carnivora may be administered for
 American patient.
 First, the patient or a skilled person like a nurse can give
 intramuscular or
 intravenous injections at home. When Carnivora has been used in its
 purified form, which is protected under Keller, no side effects have
 reported. Second, by acting merely as the rnedical technician and
 Dr. Keller's protocol, your own American physician can administer the
 Indeed, it is best that you have medical supervision when you add
 to your treatment program against cancer, AIDS, or other pathologies.
 MORTON WALKER, D.P.M., wrote about cancer treatment with shark
 in our May/June issue He is currently writing a book on the Carnivora
 treatment to be published by the Avery Publishing Group next year.
 Natural Health-September/October 1992
 Resources:Helmut Keller, M.D.
 The Chronic Disease Control and Treatment Center
 AM Reuthlein 2, D-8675, Bad Steben
 Edgar Fischer, Manager
 Postfach 8, Lobensteiner Strasse 3
 D-8646, Nordhalben, Germany
 Phone: 011-49-9267-1662
 Fax: 011-49-9267-1040
 A 50-ml vial of Carnivora, appropriate for intramuscular or intravenous
 use, cost about US $318.00
 Dionaea Muscipula/VENUS Fly-Trap Plant
  The Venus Fly-Trap Plant (Dionaea Muscipula) is one of several species
 carnivorous plants. Our Herbal extract is made from fresh Dionaea
 plants and meets the highest standards of excellence. The live plant to
 finished product ratio is 1:3 and contains 256 pure Dionaea Muscipula
 extract in a base of a special white wine and grain alcohol.
 Reasonably priced. Available in 4 02 and 8 oz bottles.
 Vital Health Products, Muskego, Wl
 Directions for Taking Venus Fly Trap Herbal Extract.
    1. Sublingual - full strength. Take l/2 to 1 teaspoon under the
 Hold until absorbed (3 lo 5 minutes). To test for sensitivity, start
 with a
 few drops under the tongue.
    2. Sublingual - diluted. Add l/2 to 1 tsp of the herbal extract to 1
 tsp of
 water and place under tongue until absorbed. Wash balance down with a
 of water.
    3. Premixed in water. Add ln to 1 tsp to a glass of water and take
 empty stornach.
    Repeat above doses three times a day or as directed by a Health Care
    4. Double Doses - 2 Tsps 3 times daily, take only for 5 of each 7
 using one of the above methods. (I e. Take Monday through Friday, stop
 Saturday and Sunday).
    Note to first time users: Start off with a 1/4 tsp three times a day
 the first day-and increase dosage in 1/4 tsp increment until you reach
 desired level.
   *Complimentary Supplements: Silymarin (Milk Thistle), L-Cystune,
 and cruciferous vegetables, Barley Grass Juice powder, Astragalus,
 Carotene, Vitamin E, Soy Protein powder, Soy Milk, Raw Carrot, Celery
 Beet juice, Blackstrap Molasses and fresh lemon juice. Use as directed
 by a
 Health Care Professional. Avoid sugar and alcoholic beverages.
   *Complimentary Diets: Vegetarian or Marcobiotic.
 Alcohol Sensitive?
    To reduce alcohol content of the herbal extract, preheat 6
 tablespoons of
 water to 120 degrees F. Use a thermometer. Remove from stove and add
 days portion of the herbal extract (i.e. 1 or 2 Tbsp) to the preheated
 Mix and let stand for 30 minutes. Divide into 3 portions for use To
 take, use
 Method 2 or 3 above.
    Venus Fly Trap Extraa is sold only as food supplement. Consult a
 or Health Care Practitioner for more information.
 *** END PART I bis ***

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