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Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 12:13:27 PST

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 12:13:27 -0800
From: Doug Burdic <>
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Subject: Re: Stinky Plant

Steve Heggood wrote:
> I realize that this question is a little off subject,
> but since by nature, cp collectors have a flair
> for the bizarre and unusual in the plant kindom
> I'll risk it.
> There was a fellow in South Carolina when I
> used to live up there had a plant that smelled
> of carrion when it bloomed that attracted flies.
> It was a beautiful thing when it bloomed, but
> you'd probably put it at the back of the lot rather
> than your shrub bed. Anyone know what it is
> and sources?
> Thx,
> -steve-

Steve and All,

This plant is probably in the Araceae family and could be Dracunculus,
Helicodiceros, Sauromatum or Amorphophallus although there are several
other genera in this family which also give off a 'carrion odor' when
they flower. Check out the links below for information and sources: (good source for plants)

Best Wishes,


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