Costa Rica cps

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Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 12:34:56 PST

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Subject: Costa Rica cps

Howdy Folks,
        Well, running around Neblina and Cerro do Araca for a month eating *farofa
and watching for **mapinguari wasn't enough for me. Now I'm off to
beautiful Costa Rica (if I get through the semester alive). Unable to find
any hits on Costa Rica using the search engine on the database, I'm writing
in hope that someone knows of the species and locations of cp's there. I
know this question was asked a while back but I couldn't locate any
responses. Maybe someone can help me? Thank you in advance, my eyes are red
from scanning through Taylor's book for mentions of Costa R.

Take Care and Have Fun!
Edward Read

*farofa (sp?) is this delicious grit made from manioc. I must have eaten 5
lbs. of the stuff. It's great for camping, if you don't get the rice cooked
all the way it's o.k., you'll just think all that hard crunchy stuff is the
farofa!!! Those bugs that fly in the pot or the stuff scooped up after the
pot fell on the ground? no problem, it's the farofa!!! How come I can't
find that stuff here in L.A.?
**Mapinguari (sp?) is the giant 8 ft. man eating sloth that can kill you
with it's odor. (Well, that's according to the natives) No comments about
that one I'm just barely getting over the nightmares.
Warning!!!!! If you have red hair do not, I repeat, do not go to Yanomami
land with Fernando, he might trade you to the Yanomami women for only two

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