Re: Hybrids & variety confusion

Date: Sat Feb 13 1999 - 07:23:43 PST

Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 15:23:43 -0000
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Subject: Re: Hybrids & variety confusion

Dear William & List,
I thought I would give my two penny's worth on this subject.
I only discovered recently that most non CP hybrids are sterile, (I grow
CP's, but I'm no gardener). I suppose that we take for granted that "our"
plants can be crossed every which way, but it has led to huge confusion,
especially with Sarracenia hybrids which now seems to be completely out of
control. Know one seems to know anymore if a plant is genuine or miss-
labled. Another problem we seem to have at the moment is the question over
wether long standing variety's are what we thought they were, for example,
is S. Maxima a seperate variety, or just a large form of S. Flava, common
in the wild? This leads to huge problems for the average grower, especially
if they breed and sell to an unsuspecting person, labelling becomes
I read with interest Peter D'Amato's new book (Very good by the way) about
the variety of new VFT's that are springing up are Tissue Culture mutants,
is this a worrying trend?
Could this happen to more species?
I'll stop now, I'm beginning to rant. Cheers, Neil.

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