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Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 12:54:49 PST

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Sow the seeds on top of moist soil, in a warm place. This plant likes it
damp, similar to VFTs, but will die if kept to cold. I usually start my
seeds inside the greenhouse in the spring and grow them all summer long. I
fertilize weekly with 1/2 strength and collect seeds in August. For good
seed development, grow several plants at the same time allowing cross
pollination. I use stand potting soil or used Sarr/VFT soil. Hope this
                                         Charles Brewer
                                          Va. Beach, Va.

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> Hello to everybody
> I have one question. I have just purchased some seeds of Mimosa pudica,
> Aristolchia grandiflora and Desmodium gyrans. I know they are not
> carnivorous plants but maybe someone could help me. I do not have any
> infos
> how to grow them. What condition they need etc. If someone know the answer
> please send me an emial under
> Thank you in advance
> Tomasz Kowalski

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