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>Like many others have mentioned, this book is worth owning for the
>photographs alone. They are spectacular, and cover a good range of
>The cultural instructions I found to be a bit on the brief side. The
>book is fine for introducing people to CP, but could have a bit more
>detail on certain species; i.e.--cold hardiness of certain Drosera or
>Sarracenia species for those who wish to grow outdoors.
>Overall, however, nice job.
>Jeff Portland, OR

A lot of the photos in this book are plants owned by members of VCPS. Many
of them were taken during our annual show year in Nov 87, and others at
members' homes. As far as details on cold hardiness of certain species are
concerned, the only plants that we cannot grow outside are Nepenthes, other
tropicals and plants that require very cold conditions. Melbourne is a very
good place to grow CP. Most Drosera and all Sarras grow happily outside.
They are more danger from the summer heat than they are of cold (actually
our coldest winters have produced the best flowering - we only get frosts a
few times in late winter), so such information is not at hand. As long as
we keep the water up to them in summer they do fine.


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