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Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 21:55:52 PST

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Subject: Re: CPs in Feb. 99 National Geographic

Dear All,

I am not a regular reader of National Geographic and
almost never buy it but a couple of days ago I picked
one up as the Biodiversity cover was intriguing. Like
Fernando I was delighted to see the article on ants
and N. bicalcarata. The article mentions Charles
Clarke and Roger Kitching but it is actually written
by Mark W. Moffett. He is also responsible for the
photos which are superb.

p122-123 double page macro photo showing ants on the
pitcher tendril.
p124 one of the sharpest photos of a nep. pitcher
that I have ever seen.
p125 a close macro photo of a section through a
tendril showing the ants and larvae.
p126 a view down into a pitcher showing a trapped
cricket with a Colobopsis ant swimming around it.
p127 an amazing full page macro photo which, if I am
looking at it correctly, is an interior view looking
up under the peristome where the ants have dragged
the cricket out of the fluid. Having dragged it up
there they can then eat it in safety.

The text is limited but the photos are so good that a
brief description is more than enough. As Fernando
says... get your copy now!


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