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Date: Sun Feb 07 1999 - 21:35:02 PST

Date: Sun, 07 Feb 1999 21:35:02 -0800
From: Stephen Davis <>
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Subject: Re: Ibicella


Are the Ibicella seeds still there? Last I saw, the ICPS seed bank
was out, but the page hasn't been updated since Jan 2. I know
because I sent a message to confirm some seeds I wanted and ended up
with a kind reply that nearly half were already gone. Looks like we
need to replenish the bank. I'm sending some misc. Drosera seed
with my order to help.

Stephen Davis

Barry Meyers-Rice wrote:

> >Hello List ! > > >I am looking for seeds of any varieties of
Proboscidea and Ibicella. > >I can offer Drosophyllum, VFT,
Darlingtonia and maybe some other > >seeds for trade. Thanks for
your help ! Kind regards Jens > > Ibicella seeds are available for
$1/pack to ICPS members. Follow the links > to the seedbank from > > Barry > > ------------------------ >
Dr. Barry A. Meyers-Rice > Carnivorous Plant Newsletter >
Conservation Coeditor > >

-- Stephen Davis

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