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     Adding to Nathan's comments on the book Carnivorous Plants. Its well
worth the price of under $20.00 in the U.S. I obtained my copy from the
Book Shop at Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota Fl. They do ship. The phone
number is (941) 366- 5731 ext. 44. Also they currently have a couple copies
of Nepenthes Of Boreno by Charles Clarke, which is IMO the absolute best
book written on the Boreno plants to date! And the price has dropped on
this by $20.00. It is a hard book to get, so hurry. :-)
Take care,
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>Dear Kevin Snively
> I can shed some light on the new book by the Australian author Tony
>as it is in my collection. Be4 I go on, U can get copies through the
>Australian Carnivorous Plant Society, if U are a member. Check their
>website out on
> The book is 104 pages, A4 size, soft cover, & published by Kangaroo
>Press, of the Viacom Company, in Sydney, New York, London, Toronto, Tokyo
>& Singapore. It was on sale on the 10th of October, 1998, in my town of
>Bowral, NSW.
> Tony is a member of the Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society, & I have
>seen his listserve messages whilst viewing past listings, so he must be on
>line. The book is very impressive, as it is chock full of A4 size &
>smaller (100 2 be exact) colour photos of very good quality & clarity. The

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