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Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 01:25:23 PST

Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999 01:25:23 PST
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Subject: RE: Medical uses of CP - Part III


Provided that the above described rules are carried out on a regular
CARNIVORA (TM) treatment could be initiated according to the following



CARNIVORA (TM), a standardized phytopharmacon of pressed juices of
Dionaea muscipula, is used for the treatment of cancer and chronic
in man. Highest qualitiy is ensured by strict consideration of
lines resulting in extremely low endotoxin activities of less than 3.5

In long and short term in-vivo and in-vitro studies CARNIVORA 9TM0
to be completely untoxic and no-mutagenic. Studies carried out in
cultures, laboratory animals and in man, have revealed the folowing
therapeutic effects of CARNIVORA (TM):

1. cytostasis 2. Mitotic inhibition 3. Immunoinduction-Immunestimulation
and Modulation. 4. Starvation of the single tumor cell by decreasing
the ATP content. 5. Virucidal effect 6. Alleviation of pain

CARNIVORA (TM) has been proven to be asafe product and shows positive
effects in the treatment of cancer, chronic diseases and HIV infection
in man,

By combining silicagel column-chromatography preparative TLC, and HPLC
on ODS-phase various components were isolated from CARNIVORA (TM).

Kreher et Al. 1988 reported for the first time the isolation of
hydroplumbagin -4-0~ glucopyranoside, a component of this carnivorous
plant diontea muscipula,

In a primary in vitro screening for anti-HIV activity in human
 CARNIVORA (TM) proved to be highly efficacious. In this test the
concentration of the viral protein p24 is determined in the
supperrnatent of
HIV infected cells grown in the presence of CARNIVORA (TM).

Additionally, the concentration of viral RNA measured in the cells is a
indicator of virus replication. The anti viral effect is determined by
comparison of the p24- and RNA- concentrations in medicated and control

Result with CARNIVORA 9TM0: Inhibition of p24 -synthesis: 100%
                             Inhibition of RNA-synthesis:100%

In a pilot study on humans CARNIVORA (TM) demonstrates its effect in
of improved Karnowsky index and body weight, decrease of beta 2 micro-
globulin, constant levels of neopterin, increase of CD4 helper cells and
T lymphocytes.


Acute toxicity :
An acute toxicity study has been conducted in Spraque-Dawley rats, The
mean LD 50 ranged from 1500 mm to 1750 mg/ kg bw.

Subacute toxicity:
In a 90 day study CARNIVORA (TM) did not show any toxic reactions in
 rats at 30 times and An female rats at 60 times the recommended human
dose rate.

Mutagenicity and genotoxicity:
CARNIVORA (TM) was not mutagenic when assessed in the Ames test and
the chromosomal aberration test in the bone marrow of the Chinese
There was no indication for genotoxicity when CARNIVORA (TM) was
in the SOS- Chromotest.


The composition of CARNIVORA (TH) formulation is as follows:

CARNIVORA (TM) injectable solution

The 50 ml bottle contains the steril pressed juice of the entire fresh
 Dionaea muscipula, adjusted to 2% dry residue and isotonicity with


1 ml CARNIVORA (TM) contains : The pressed juice of the entire fresh
Dionaea muscipula, adjusted to 2% (W/W) dry residue 0.33 ml, ethanol
and aqua purificata 0.34 mil.


The use of CARNIVORA ( TM ) Is reconmended for the treatment of the

Adult malignant tumors (except Sarcomas )
Ulcerative colitis
Crohn\355s disease
Rheumatoid arthritis
Multiple sclerosis
Immune deficiency diseases
HIV lnfections, LAS, ARC:, AIDS
Chronic Fatigue Syndrom
Herpes labialis and urogenitalis

Dosage and treatment schedule:

Following are the recommendations for treatment with CARNIVORA 9TM0:

CARNIVORA (TM) 50 ml injectable solution

I.V. infusion: 3 to 5 ml CARNIVORA (TM) diluted in 250 ml 0.9 % NaCL
daily, Monday through Friday,

In Glioblastomas dilution should be with 250 ml Mannitol 10% instead of
The duration of the infusion should be 2 to 3 hours. After 2 to 3 weeks,
the time when a sudden decrease of the total T cells indicates an
overstimulation, the dosage has to be decreased and adjusted

In cases of urothel carcinomas instillations of 5 to l0 ml once per week
to prevent reoccurence, it applied up \353

I.M./ S.C. injections:
After 4 weeks intensive I.V. treatment long term intramuscular or
injections should follow. The dosage should also be adjusted according
to the
results of the immune monitoring and clinical relevant markers.
According to
my experience the mean maintenance dosage range B is between 1 and 2 ml
or i.m.

CARNIVORA (TM1 100 ml formulation)

Oral application:
Daily 3 to 5 times 50 drops before meals diluted in some water or tea.

The oral formulation should be applied in case of all tumors of the
tract together with i.v, i.m. or s.c.

CARNIVORA (TM) treatment.
Patients Suffering from lung or bronchial cancer should inhale true
drops by
means of a cold vaporizer ( no ultrasound ) 3 to 5 times per day,(Mix 2
ml of
the oral formulation with 2 ml 0.9 % NaCL 3-5/day).

In HIV related diarrhea the drops are of additional benefit, also the
in case of Aspergillus and Candida infections.

Dr. Med. Helmut Keller
Medical Director

Recommended Reading:
Balch, J.: Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Avery Publishing Group
Garden Park NewYork .

Dostal, V.- et al.: Immunmonitoring and additive Immuntherapie,
Verlag Stuttgart 1990 W-Germany

Keller, H.-Venusfliegenfallen - Extrakt hilft gegen Krebs, Arztliche
XXXVII. Jahrgang Nr. 36 1985 Werk- Verlag Dr. E. Banaschewski 8 Munchen
Grafelfing 1985 W- Germany

Keller,H.- Acta Empirica 1985, Band 34 Heft6, June 1995, Krebstherapie
mit einem pflanzlichen Wirkstoff-erst Erfahrungen mit einem neuen Phyto-
onkologicum, Karl F. Haug Verlag GmbH & Co. 6900 Heidelberg W Germany

Lane, W.-Sharks don\355t get cancer, Avery Publishing Group Inc. Garden
Park, New York 1992.

Wagner,H.-Structure elucidation of Plumbagin-analoges from Dionea
and their immunemodulating activities in vitro and in vivo. Sopron,
August 24-27 1988

The CARNIYORA (TH) formulations can be ordered at the address Below .

Prices: 50 ml CARNIVORA (TM) .......................injectable DM:
       100 ml CARNIVORA (TM) drops ...........................DM:
       shlpping fee DM: 30.00 is not included.

Please make cheques payable to the address above.
It is our policy to receive payment before goods are sent out.

Edgar Fischer, Manager
Postfach 8, Lobensteiner Strasse 3
D-8646, Nordhalben, Germany
Phone: 011-49-9267-1662
Fax: 011-49-9267-1040

*** END PART III ***

Much greetings,

Sam Vanderstraeten.

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