Re: Proboscidea parvifora known as the Devils claw

Date: Tue Feb 02 1999 - 11:29:14 PST

Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 14:29:14 EST
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Subject: Re: Proboscidea parvifora  known as the Devils claw


> Can you tell me how to grow the Devils claw from seed I've never been
> to keep it alive.

IMHO, It is one of the easiest plants to grow. In fact, I have it come up
year to year in my garden (Williamsport, PA) from seed. I am sure it will
continue to grow there, even though I moved!!!

If you are starting them in pots, I would use as large a pot as you can find
and plant 2 or 3 seeds about 1 inch deep in regular potting soil. I have seen
them come up even when planted way too deep. (from 3 inches deep.) I am kind
of surprised you are able to kill it actually! The only thing is that it
isn't hardy, so it would need protection from the cold. Fertilize like any
regular house plant.

> also has any one been able to grow cephalotus follicularis from seed i'll
> geting it in soon,
> and i want to do right. Can you help me in my endeavor? I would like to be
> succesful at if for a change.

50/50 peat sand, sow seeds on the surface, and cover with a clear cover.
Place in indirect light (or under fluorescent lights) and temps around 70
worked for me. Hope this helps

Take care & keep on growing,

Thomas Hayes


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