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Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 18:21:02 PST

Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 18:21:02 -0800
From: Ron Schlosser <>
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Subject: Re: Fungus Help

On 01-Feb-99, wrote:
> I apologize for asking this question here, since I'm SURE it has been
> covered before. But this is my first experience with this problem, so.....

> I have a group of Sarracenia outdoors right now, and everybody appears to
> be "sleeping" nicely. However, just yesterday I noticed that one of the S.
> rubra wherryi has a grayish mold or fungus on the top of the rhizome, and
> about the first half-inch of the stumps remaining from the pitchers. Can I
> safely assume this is botrytis?

> I have segregated the plant in question, and none of the other pots show
> any visible signs of a problem. My question is: Can anyone recommend a
> SPECIFIC BRAND NAME of fungicide (e.g., product XYZ by Ortho, etc.) to
> safely use on the plant. I also assume a treatment of the other pots might
> be in order, just incase. One readily available fungicide was Daconil (by
> Ortho). Anybody have any experiences with this one?

I would recommend using Daconil for the fungus, I have seen it labeled for
use on Venus Fly traps and have used it on my Darlingtonia and Sarracenias
with no problem, don't get them on sundews or pings, won't kill them but
they don't like it.

> I know that Pietropaolo and D'Amato talk about benomyl, Capstan, etc., but
> I have been unable to find any of these in the several garden centers I
> visited. Actually I did find one product in which Capstan was but one
> ingredient, but it also contained Malathion and one other substance whose
> name I don't remember. It's sold as a treatment for roses.

All ornamental uses of Benlate (benomyl) have been canceled for a number of
years now.

> Thanks in advance,

> Craig McDonald
> Frisco, Texas
> Zone 8

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