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Related to the recent messages about potential medicinal uses of CP
as described in old herbals, I found the following in Culpeper's
Complete Herbal. Nicholas Culpeper lived from 1616-1654.

SUN DEW (Drosera Anglica)

Descrip. It has small, round, hollow leaves, somewhat greenish, but
full of red hairs, which make them look very red, every one standing
upon its own footstalk, reddish, and hairy likewise. The leaves are
continually moist in the hottest day, yea, the hotter the sun
shines, the moister they are, the small hairs always holding this
moisture. Among these leaves rise up slender stalks, reddish also,
three or four fingers high, bearing small whitish knobs one above
another, these are flowers, which afterwards contain small seed.
The root is a few small hairs.

Place. It grows usually in bogs and wet places, and sometimes in
moist woods.

Time. It flowers in June, and then the leaves are fittest to be

Government and Virtues. The Sun rules it, and it is under the sign
of Cancer. The leaves, bruised and applied to the skin, erode it
and bring out such inflammations as are not easily removed. The
juice destroys warts and corns, if a little be frequently put upon

I might also point out an interesting site for pictures of CP at . This site is not
specific for CP but has some outstanding pictures of VFT, Drosera
and Sarracenia including some excellent closeup pictures of traps.

Kind Regards,

Ken Skau

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