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Date: Sat Jan 30 1999 - 10:01:33 PST

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In message <000a01be4bc5$d6cc3420$>, Mark
Pogany <> writes
>Does anyone have experience getting D. whittakeri to germinate? The reason I
>ask is that this species comes from areas outside W. Australia, the nexus of
>most tuberous droseras.
>Any posted protocols would be most appreciated!
Try soaking the seeds in water. Many tuberous Drosera seeds contain a
chemical inhibitor which prevents germination. In habitat this will be
gradually washed off by rains during the rainy season. The inhibitor
prevents seeds germinating after summer storms when the conditions are
not suitable for growth.

Soak the seeds in a small dish of water and keep somewhere fairly cool
and well lit (most tuberous species will not germinate if it is too
warm). Check the dish daily. After several weeks you should see the
seeds begin to germinate. Each germinating seed should be transferred
onto a pot of soil (a pipette is ideal for this).

You can sow the seed directly onto a pot of soil in the usual manner but
you will often have to wait as long as a year for germination.

Hope this helps.
Phil Wilson
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