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Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 20:22:00 PST

Date:    Fri, 29 Jan 99 23:22 EST
From: Dave                                 <T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU>
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Subject: Re: Sarracenia x catesbaei

Dear Sam,

> I'm a CP-enthusiast for 5 years and my favourite plants are (beside
> Ibicella lutea, that isn't a carnivorous plant) Sarracenia. I have all
> sorts of Sarracenia and also a lot of hybrids. I also have Sarracenia x
> catesbaei, but mine have hoods that are standing up.

F1 hybrid:
S.flava * S.purpurea = S.* catesbaei (sp?) has upright hoods, like S.
                                            purpurea does.

F2 hybrid:
S. flava * (S. flava * S. purpurea) also = S.* catesbaei, but it has
                                           hoods like S.flava.

Also, if you self-pollinate an F1 hybrid of S.* catesbaei you
will get a rainbow effect in the characteristics of next generation.
Some will like more like S.flava, while others will look more like
S.purpurea. Sometimes these hybrids can look nearly 100% like one
of the parent species, even though it's not.

> I saw a picture in
> "Letts Guide to Carnivorous Plants of the World" from "Gordon Cheers" on
> page "x" with a Sarracenia x catesbaei with hoods that are lying down.
> You can see that phenomenon very good on the pitcher in front of that
> picture. Is that phenomenon accidental or is that an other form of
> Sarracenia x catesbaei?

   It's not really a form and I'm not sure if/how form names are
given to hybrids. I think you have to simply file all the possible
characteristics of a particular hybrid under it's given name. If you
really like a certain clone, say for the angle of it's hood, then you
should name it as a cultivar so it gets reconition. I don't know if
there is such a plant available on the market, but you at least know
what to look for, or you could make it yourself (it takes a long time,
but it's fun.).

> If it is an other form of that plant, I would
> like to know where I can find seeds or plants.
> If somebody knows more about that form, please answer me...
> Thanks...
> Sam Vanderstraeten

   BTW, I have red colored clone of this type, but it will not
available until the spring, when the bogs thaw.

Dave Evans

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