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Subject: Lowrie III bibliographic data

Hi CPers!

I received my huge freight boxes with fresh copies of Lowrie III
yesterday and just finished typing chapter info and transcribing
cover text. Here's some for the impatient who can hardly wait to
get their copy:


University of Western Australia Press, Nedlands, W.A., 1998.
hardcover, 288-pp 340-cPh 57-bD M.

The third and -- according to the cover text -- last volume of the
famous series. 288 pages contain more than 340 colour photographs,
57 line drawings and a distribution maps for each described species.
>From the contents (my comments in []): Preface; Acknowledgements;
[some information how the] Photographs; [and the] Illustrations
[were made]; Glossary; Corrections and validated names [for volumes
1 and 2]; Trapping methods; Perennial tropical Drosera [4 pages of
text on habitat, climate, the Drosera petiolaris complex, dormancy,
growth, flowering and new species]; Key to Groups of plants in Volumes
1, 2 and 3 [10 pages]: (Key to the tuberous Drosera in Volumes 1, 2
and 3; Key to the pygmy Drosera in Volumes 2 and 3; Key to the
perennial tropical Drosera in Volume 3; Key to miscellaneous Drosera
in Volumes 2 and 3; Key to Utricularia in Volume 3; Key to Byblis in
Volume 3); Setocoris species--the sundew bugs [2 pages of text plus a
page with 6 photos]; Habitats [8 pages text and photos]; Description
of species [pages 45-279]: ( Utricularia, Aldrovanda, Cephalotus,
Drosera, Byblis and Nepenthes [only N. mirabilis]); Bibliography [4
pages]; Index [to all three volumes, 4 pages].

Cover photo and cover text is at

Best regards, Stefan Wolf.

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