Cooling Darlingtonias

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Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 16:00:43 PST

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 09:00:43 +0900
From: "T. Williams" <>
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Subject: Cooling Darlingtonias

Re: cooling darlingtonias

I have not yet tried this but perhaps it would be feasible to cool
Darlingtonias using Peltier effect solid-state heat pumps. These are thin
plates of materials which become cold on one side and hot on the other when a
current is passed through the device (a low DC voltage is required). They are
very efficient and compact although a bit expensive. The reliability and size
factors might make them worth the effort for one or two plants. A simple
thermostat would also be needed but the electronics requirements are easy and
commonplace. The installation could then consist of the peltier effect plates,
insulated container for the plants and possibly a small computer-type fan
underneath to remove the pumped heat from the vicinity.

Tim Williams.

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