Nepenthes growing out of tanks

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Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 12:34:56 PST

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 08:58:46 GMT+1200
From: "Andy Falshaw" <>
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Subject: Nepenthes growing out of tanks

I have a n. khasiana and n.venticrosa growing in a tank in my living
room. Both are now well out of the tank, and pitchering happily on
the 6 inches - 1 foot or so that's out of the tank. These are two of
the hardiest and most vigourous of neps though, aren't they? Which
two are your neps David?
> > To solve this problem, I thought about one
> >solution: I'd open a hole in the terrarium's lid and let the plant continue
> >growing outside it. But there's a big difference in humidity in and out...
> >How would the plant react?
> I can't believe I'm answering a Nepenthes question (hint, hint!)
> The leaves that grow outside your terrarium are very likely not to produce
> traps. I wanted to wait a few more months before reporting the following
> observations about two Nepenthes in my house that are now growing outside
> their terrarium, but this question fits right in my observations so far.
> One Nepenthes has a leaf and tendril completely outside the terrarium and no
> trap has formed. The other Nepenthes has about 25% of one leaf still in the
> terrarium with the remaining leave outside but the tendril has dipped back
> into the terrarium. The tip of the tendril is starting to enlarge and is on
> its way to forming a trap. Another leaf is completely outside the terrarium
> but its tip has dipped back into the terrarium. It hasn't done anything
> yet.

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