the tale of the floating S. psittacina

From: Mellard, David (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 06:19:31 PST

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 09:19:31 -0500
From: "Mellard, David" <>
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Subject: the tale of the floating S. psittacina

Hi Rand, your post of freezing cp's prompted me to talk about the floating

Many of you will remember that last year, I overwintered a couple of S.
psittacina outside submerged in water. They did fine sitting at the bottom
of a plastic bucket where the water at the top froze many times over the

This year, they became floating S. psittacina and spent the later part of
summer, fall, and winter floating in water. They love it. What's amazing
to me is that now when it freezes, they are trapped in a layer of ice and
the other week when it went down into the teens (F), they were completely
surrounded by frozen ice. Anything that freezes in Atlanta usually thaws
the next day (or 2 at the most) and the floating psittacinas are doing

I plan to leave them there permanently to see how they fare and how large
they will get.


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