VFT dormancy

From: Susan Farrington (sfarrington@ridgway.mobot.org)
Date: Tue Jan 19 1999 - 23:33:52 PST

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From: "Susan Farrington" <sfarrington@ridgway.mobot.org>
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Subject: VFT dormancy

> Beg to differ with those who have said that 40 degree (F) isn't low
> enough to induce dormancy in VFTs. In my experience it's fine,
> although, as David Mellard said, lower light levels do help a great
> deal. My plants are in the northeast-facing window of an unheated
> garage, with temps certainly no lower than 40 degrees. All are
> definitely dormant (summer petiole growth gone, tight winter rosettes,
> extremely slow or non-apparent growth). Even in full sun, I think
> that 40 degrees should be fine.

My observations agree with Jay's... I have had VFT's in three
locations for three years now:
(1) in my cool greenhouse at home that is kept about 40 to 45 F (not
less than 40). They receive a fair bit of sun, and on sunny days the
daytime temp can go up into the high 70's.

(2) in the conservatory here at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Night
temperature is 42. Light level IS pretty low in winter: they receive
a little direct sun, though, and sunny days can warm into the high

(3) in our back-up greenhouse area. Unheated alcove, can go down
to 28 or 30 degrees. Low light levels (virtually no direct sun).

Plants in all three locations have all gone dormant, and all come out
of dormancy and flower and grow about equally well in spring and

Susan Farrington
Missouri Botanical Garden

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