Re: VFT Dormancy (VFTs in Wire Grass)

Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 08:49:56 PST

Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 11:49:56 EST
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Subject: Re: VFT Dormancy (VFTs in Wire Grass)

I must be in a contrary mood or something these days .... Repeatedly
disagreeing with people on the list <smile>. Stefan Ploszak writes:

> In nature the VFTs are usually burried in wire grass. In fact the only way
to see > these plants in the wild is to locate the flower scapes and pull
the grass
> away as you reach the soil. It's my guess that the grass greatly
> protects the plants from the freezing temps and winds.

I've seen VFTs on several occasions in the wild (Pender and Brunswick
counties, NC) In neither locale were VFTs growing in wire grass. In fact, in
the former site, they were growing, quite exposed, on relatively barren sandy
ridges along the edges of often water-filled depressions. These plants were
quite easy to see (and photograph) even without the aid of their flower scapes
(although in many cases they were flowering).

I'm sure they are probably quite common in Wire Grass, I've just never seen
them as such, and would therefore disagree with the statement that the "only"
way to see them is when they're in flower.

Jay Lechtman (
Ashburn, VA, USA

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