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Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 03:41:35 PST

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 07:41:35 -0400
From: Rand Nicholson <>
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Subject: Re: ICPS renewal

>Dear Rick and All,
>Although the ICPS is International it is quite difficult to renew
>membership from a non-US country. In the UK the only way I'm aware of is
>to go to the bank to get some dollars and to send cash which is not
>ideal. If I want to order back issues (which I do) this would involve
>sending a large amount of cash whcih is then a gamble. Additionally most
>UK banks won't dispense $5 notes which makes the $25 fee difficult.
>Did anything come of Barry Meyers-Rice investigation of credit card
>payment? Alternatively, would non-dollar personal cheques be suitable?
>Some US bookstores accept cheques in pounds sterling without hesitation.

Hi Richard:

I simply mark my cheques going out side Canada to be cashed in the funds of
the receiving country. This is especially easy for the US. Cheques marked
"In US Funds" get cashed at the going exchange rate an the date they go
through. Alternately, an International Money Order can be bought for the
exact amount in the currency of the receiving country. I have never had any
problems with these methods in the US. I understand that some European and
Asian banks make rediculous charges in cashing some types of currency
vouchers, so best to check ahead with the receipient before sending.

You could always try converting the fee to the Euro ... ;-)

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson <>
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada Zone 5-ish (debatable)

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