re: B. gigantea humidity

Date: Mon Jan 04 1999 - 11:09:10 PST

Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 14:09:10 EST
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Subject: re: B. gigantea humidity

Johnathan Mitchell asked about B. gigantea humidity a while back and I haven't
seen a public posting yet ... so I'll take a stab:

While I can't speak for seedlings, I grow an adult B. gigantea (thanks to
Brian Cochrane) outside similarly to Sarracenia species. Average (for Northern
Virginia) humidity. The only difference is that the Byblis is grown with less
water in the tray than Sarracenia. Our humidity can reach 70 percent during
the peak of summer, but 35-40 percent is not uncommon where I live. The plant
is definitely not a "greenhouse" plant as far as I'm concerned.

Jay Lechtman (
Ashburn, Virginia, USA

> I have a large batch of B. gigantea (of several forms) germinating right
> now and was wondering what their humidity needs are.
> I currently have them in a very high humidity environment with my Neps
> and Droseras, but it would be great if I could move them out of the
> terrariums into a lower humidity area (terrarium space being so
> precious).
> So, does this species require high humidity, or will the 40%-60%
> humidity outside of my tanks be sufficient?
> Thanks-
> -Jonathan Mitchell

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