More U. gibba

From: Chris Marsden (
Date: Fri Jan 01 1999 - 14:52:01 PST

Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999 17:52:01 -0500
From: Chris Marsden <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg0$foo@default>
Subject: More U. gibba

Hi folks,

thanks for the replies on the Lowrie front, and:

I have yet more U. gibba to give away to people in the

I can't remember if I could fill all of the requests I got last
time, but in case I didn't, more people have joined the list, or the
stuff I sent out has died, please feel free to ask for some.
Postage would be appreciated (begging bowl mode ON) but is by no
means essential (excess christmas cheer mode OFF). It grew from a
microscopic strand in my aquarium (I didn't even know it was there)
into a mass covering almost the whole aquarium. Anyone who has ever
grown this plant will know all about this!!

For those that don't know, it is an aquatic bladderwort that does
extremely well floating on the surface in fish tanks (tropical or
coldwater), with or without fish. In fact, you might say it's a
little hard to kill. I would say it is very hard to kill, but then
I'm biased... I've grown it.

Kindest Regards and best wishes for a very good growing 1999,

Toby -- Toby Marsden -- UK

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