D. Californica Trap Production

Carlstrom_Rick (Carlstrom_Rick%P-AME-HQ.CCBRIDGE.SEAA.mrouter@seaa.navsea.navy.mil)
30 May 96 12:18:00 EST

John Boehme wrote:

> Anyone know how old the Darlingtona must be before flowering? This
> is the first full season that I have had the plant. It was
> purchased last spring and had pitchers about 5" tall. This spring
> the first two pitchers shot upto about 7-8" tall, and the rest of
> the pitchers are about 2-3". Any one know why?

It has been my experience that the first two pitchers of the spring
are usually the largest, similar to your experience. I have a 2 (or
three) year old Darlingtonia that has not flowered and is slightly
larger than yours. It has produced about 5 offspring from "runners".
They sometimes circle the pot before poping up. I even have one
sticking out of a drain hole on the side of the pot.