S. \221Judith Hindle\222 seed

Craig S. Gardner (cgardner@zapcom.net)
Wed, 29 May 1996 18:55:54 -0700

In a conversation with Peter at California Carnivores I mentioned that
the seed list ont the net from Allen Lowrie listed S. \221Judith
Hindle\222 seed and he has asked me to send this message.

>From Peter D\222Amato - California Carnivores
There is no such thing as S. \221Judith Hindle\222 seed. This plant is a cultivar, and can only be reproduced
vegitatively. All plants grown from seed should be marked as S. [(leucophylla x purp) x flava] x [(leucophylla
x purp) x flava] F-2. It is wisest to never distribute seed of a cultivar, unless it has been hybridized with
another plant.

Peter D\222Amato - California Carnivores

BTW I got the changes from Peter for the price list I will forward it to every one that has already recieved
it any one else that wants it just let me know.

Craig S. Gardner
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