Re: CP: suggestions for a novice

Clarke Brunt (
Sat, 30 Dec 1995 23:01:02 +0000

On 29 Dec 95 at 20:48, Sara A. Gardner wrote:

> Hello! Have been lurking for a bit. I have a
> new (6 mos. old) greenhouse for my orchids and
> any thing else that catches my fancy. Unfortunately
> everything does. Someone suggested that some
> carn. plants would help keep the fungus gnat pop-
> ulation down (someone else took exception to that
> idea) but the more I thought about it the more I
> thought it would be fun and interesting to have a
> few CP's around. Can anyone suggest four or so
> which might do well in a warm greenhouse (low temp
> in the 50's, I hope) and where I might obtain
> them?

Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea) and Trumpet pitchers (Sarracenia)
are both easy, but usually catch things bigger than fungus
gnats, which are attracted to their nectar.

The sundews (Drosera) probably make the best sticky trap
for small flies. Drosera capensis is very easy and would be
happy in your conditions. As for where to get it: it's just
one of those plants that all CP growers have. It grows like a
weed and self-seeds all over the place, so don't let anyone
charge you a lot for one. For a bigger plant, perhaps try
Drosera binata, and for small rosettes on the ground
Drosera aliciae or spatulata. There are lots of others.

The butterworts (Pinguicula) aren't usually very good at
catching anything. Pinguicula moranensis (and varieties)
makes an attractive flowering plant (mine flowers almost
all year), and catches a few small flying insects.

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