News for Nepenthes growers

Andreas Wistuba (
Sun, 24 Dec 1995 16:27:13 GMT

Hello everybody,
first of all I want to wish a merry christmas and a happy new year to
everybody on the list.

I received many very interesting Nepenthes-pictures made by Robert
Many of you will not know him, as he is not an active CP-grower
anymore for some years now. However he was one of the founders of the
German CP-society and visited many interesting Nepenthes places in the
eighties. Among the many interesting photographs he made on his field
trips are many of N. clipeata, which meanwhile have historic value (As
the species is almost extinct), of N. merilliana, N. macrovulgaris, N.
globamphora and many more.
I'm currently working on scans of these pictures to make these
important documents available on the net. Pages featuring N. clipeata,
N. merilliana and N. macrovulgaris should be online within the next
hours, many more will come soon!

It might be of interest also that my new list is ready since some
weeks. Anyone interested, please send me a message consisting with


as the subject (please use exactly this subject for automatic mail
sorting). You do not need to write anything into the message body.



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