Re: cp tissue-culture

Joachim Nerz (
Mon, 18 Dec 1995 14:50:18 +0100 (MEZ)

On Sat, 16 Dec 1995, martin zevenbergen wrote:

> >fine to see another member of the micropropagation group and of Kew
> >in the list; in the meantime we have here quite a lot of members,
> >interested in micropropagation. BTW, myself, I am growing especially
> >Nepenthaceae, Heliamphora, Pinguicula and tuberous Drosera In Vitro.
> Joachim, How do you treat tuberous Drosera In Vitro? I'm very
> interested if they need a dormancy also In Vitro, and what you do with
> the daylength, all year the same, or seasonal changes? I was also
> thinking if it is possible to tissue-culture pygmy Drosera by
> sterilizing some gemmae and putting them In Vitro. Thanks in advance,
> Martin Zevenbergen Dept. of Plant taxonomy Agricultural University
> P.O. box 8010 6700 ED Wageningen The Netherlands

Hello Martin,

it^s no problem, to grow tuberous Drosera InVitro, you can grow it all
year long without dormancy; it^s just a problem to get tubers to
establish it again ExVitro.
It^s no problem to establish pygmies from gemmae.