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>> The beautiful conservatory in San Francisco also suffered
>>substantial damage in the storm. Current estimates for repairs are about

>>12 million dollars. Pretty substantial. ...
>>Wayne Forrester
>I'm sorry, 12 million??? The place just isn't that big. And it's made of

>wood!!! Even if they replaced it with steel it just couldn't be that

The reason for the excessive cost is precisely because it IS wood
framed--meaning no repair "parts" are available, and everything has to be
milled from scratch and without forms. Also, as I understand it from a
former head gardener there, the building is listed on the register of
historic places, which calls all the shots as to what and how it is
repaired. In addition, new work would now require improved wheelchair
access, and other changes, so it isn't just the wind damage and loss of
plants to contend with in getting it back open.

I am also hopeful that some corporation (are you listening--3com, Pac Bell,
Wells Fargo, etc.?) will step up and help in this civic duty/necessity, but
it seems doubtful.
the park is reopened for access to the main parts, including the arboretum,
as of 12/16.
BTW, the HRC Library at the arboretum (sorry, non-circulating) has a good
collection of CP books, newsletters and journals, as well as article and
clipping files for anyone near enough to take advantage of it. Open daily
except Tuesday from 10-4, just inside the arboretum entrance.

Weston Bielby