Re: storm
Sat, 16 Dec 1995 20:27:54 -0500

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> The beautiful conservatory in San Francisco also suffered
>substantial damage in the storm. Current estimates for repairs are about
>12 million dollars. Pretty substantial. They have a wonderful collection
>of Nepenthes, among others. I don't know whether those plants were
>damaged. Hope we don't get anymore storms like this one anytime soon.
>Wayne Forrester

I'm sorry, 12 million??? The place just isn't that big. And it's made of
wood!!! Even if they replaced it with steel it just couldn't be that much.
Besides their wonderful collection of Nepenthes, they also have a wonderful
collection of scale and mealy bug.
There are enough people in that city who love that place and have the skills
and resouces to put it back together. The Chrystal Palace will rise again,
after all, two earth quakes and changing mayors haven't done it in yet.
And another thing, S.F. just spent 2 years putting the Leagion of Honor back
together and it wasn't damaged, don't you think there are funds about for
that little green house?