Re: Re: Phototron

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Fri, 15 Dec 95 19:31 EST

> Actually, the DEA cannot do this anymore; that was under the Reagan
> administration and was called "Green Merchant." Many hydroponic shops and
> manufacturers have an ongoing lawsuit against the DEA for harrassment.


> However, the phototron was pretty much made specifically for growing
> dope. How do I know all this? I work for The Growing EDGE, a hydroponics
> magazine (legitimate) and we used to work with the people who make the
> phototron, but came to realize how absolutely shadey they were and refuse
> to let them advertise anymore. Most people think the phototron is a piece
> of sh**. We've had countless letters to the editor in the past that
> denounce the phototron; very few of our readers have had anything good to
> say.

I was wonderring what 'absolutely shadey' means? Anyway, I've seen the
Photoron in magazines and I must say it sure doesn't seem worth it's
cost. Someone just wrote that they could grow three good sized Neps
in one. For 500 bucks it's got to have a lot more space than that!
I guess the nutrient we were warned agianst using are good for Cannabis
sativa and would surely harm any CP. Pot needs a much fertiler as corn:
talk about good way to nuke your CP's roots.