New subscriber bio
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 13:29:03 -0500

Hi to all,
My name is David O'Hollaren Gray and I live in San Francisco now, having
grown up in Portland Oregon. I have been growing CP since I was fourteen - I
was always very interested in natural history and had a large number of
indoor plants from grade school onwards. I started with VFT and *Drosera
capensis* and quickly expanded. I found the little book by Randall Schwatrz
and was hooked.
In the '80's I built up a large collection again, but did not move it here.
Two years ago I initiated a survey of the populations of *Darlingtonia
californica* on the North Coast of Oregon with the assistance of the Nature
Conservancy. I have an article in preparation on that survey and related
I used to work in a huge bookstore in Portland and took care of the gardening
section - I built up their CP books and also rounded out my own library ( -
I'm still looking for Kondo & Kondo, CP of the World ). I have a few extras
of some titles I would be willing to trade for Nepenthes, Helaimphora, or
other choice goodies.
BTW, I just called ISBS, the American importer of Allan Lowrie's books and
they are expecting the third volume in anytime ( they only ordered 30 copies
to start though ). Their number in Portland is 1.503.287.3093
I look forward to participating in the discussion here and seeing some of you
at the local meetings,
Good Growing,