Re: CP digest 558New Member

Christopher Creel (
Wed, 13 Dec 95 9:01:08 MST

Hello all,
I am a new member, sort of. I was an active member of this
group up until last year when my life was interrupted by a career
change (from student to life).
I have been growing CP's since I was a child. Interestingly
enough, when I was 10, I was quite successful at growing nepenthes in
an aquarium under artificial light. As I got older and my set up
became more complicated, I became less successful. Finally, about
three years ago I bought a Phototron and have been enormously
successful ever since. My collection is now about ten plants and I am
always looking for more the more exotic platns. I am currently
searching for an N.villosa and N.bicalcarata. Any leads would be
greatly appreciated.
One thing that I can offer to the group is a nose for
Nepenthes ailments. I could be considered a Nepenthes serial killer.
I have discovered a good many tricks and founds even more tips on
keeping Nepenthes happy and healthy. So, please feel free to ask me
any questions. My view is that the more successful Nepenthes growers
there are, the more trading partners I have.

Christopher Creel
Boise, Idaho