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Fernando Rivadavia Lopes (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 11:28:02 -0300 (GRNLNDST)

First of all, sorry for my 2 messages in the last digest. I have
absolutey no idea how those got there, especially becuse they're bits of
messages to Jan Schlauer and Ivo Koudela.

Well, the time has come, I'll be leaving for Europe in a few
hours. This is my last message here and I'm closing off, so don't anybody
expect to hear from me over the next 5 weeks. If anybody has messages for
me, please mail them to my brother-in-law's account:

I'll be in Italy until Jan.4 or 5.

So happy holidays to all of you and I hope to have lots to tell
when I get back on Jan.22!! BYE!!!!

Fernando Rivadavia
Sao Paulo, Brasil