Re: maps
Wed, 13 Dec 95 10:31:53 +0100

Liane Cochran-Stafira wrote

> I am in the process of putting
> together a research grant proposal to
> continue working on the symbiosis
> between the plants and certain=20
> microorganisms and invertebrates that live
> inside the pitchers. The plant
> distribution data is vital for comparing
> the distribution pattern of the
> pitcher symbionts with that of the plants
> especially at the extreme ends of=20
> the plant's range. This will help in the
> evaluation of whether these=20
> associations are really true examples of
> mutualism (as has been assumed in the past). =20
> If this is the case, I can
> then begin to look at the
> coevolution of the plants and their mutualists.

Would it be interesting to compare the _S. purpurea_ in U.S.=20
with the introduced _S. purpurea_ in Sweden?
They have been here for at least 10 years and are doing well and=20
Even if the Swedish _S. purpurea_ doesn't have the same species=20
of symbionts, they may have symbionts from the same genus or=20

BTW is _S. purpurea_ introduced to other places in Europe?=20
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