Re: Sarracenia Seeds

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Tue, 12 Dec 95 21:20 EST

> From: paulseym@OZEMAIL.COM.AU(Paul Seymour)
> Can someone tell me how long it takes for seeds to mature on S.leucophylla?
> Is it possible to tell from the appearance of the flower if seed is ready to
> be collected?


When the color has left the flower stalk and it has turned
yellow/brown you can pick off the seed heads. In the next
stage, the stalk turns brown and dries and the seed pod will
open. If the seed is picked before the pods open, they can be
used as storage containers. Let the pods dry in a warm place
for a couple days and then you can wrap them in plastic and
store them in the fridge for years.

Dave Evans