'Pitcher leaves' in Pinguicula, WEB stuff

Rick Walker (walker@cutter.hpl.hp.com)
Wed, 06 Dec 1995 12:10:22 -0800

I have had P.agnata put up a "cornucopia-like" leaf. The cylindrical
"pitcher" was 2.5cm long, glandular on the inside, and lasted as long as
would be expected for a normal leaf. I made an unsuccessful attempt to
propagate the anomoly by leaf cutting.

The photo was published in the BACPS newsletter last year. I'll try
to get it up on the CP WEB page. Perhaps Andrew can send me his
photo also.

I encourage all the list members to contribute photos, monographs,
growing summaries, etc to the WEB page. It is a great PR tool for the
CP community, and is a way for us to share our knowledge with each

Thanks to all who have contributed, the CP Web page was recently voted
as one of the "top 5% WEB sites on the internet" by the Internet Point
Survey. Let's continue to do what we can to make it even better!

One new area that I hope to add is CP "slide shows". If you
have a nice CP presentation on slides, consider getting it scanned
onto a Kodak Photo CD, and writing out your commentary for each frame.
Send the whole bundle to me, and I'll convert it into a self-guided,
on-line slide show for the WEB page. Currently, I have two presentations
in the works, one on "Kitchen Tissue Culture for the Home Hobbiest", and
"An Introduction to Pinguicula". It would be nice to see some travelogues

BTW, this list currently has 471 subscribers from 25 countries, and the
WEB page is getting over 200 "hits" per day. This nicely complements
the the 850-member subscription of CPN.

Rick Walker