Andrew Marshall (
Tue, 5 Dec 1995 09:57:29 -0800 (PST)

To everyone out there who responded to my question the other day re.
the Bild-Schoner. Thanks for the help in getting this figured out.
Also as I am here wanted to note here that like Jos Franken who
writes that one of his P. moranensis has formed a 'pitcher shaped leaf.
I also have noted this phenomena in tissue cultured P. moranensis and in
the tissue cultured P. agnata x gypsicola. I didn't think much of it at
the times when it occurred and so neglected to photograph it immediately.
What I did note though is that this curiosity did not remain for long on
the plant. It seemed that a couple of weeks after noting the strange
leaf that I was unable to find it, even though I was looking at the same
plant. It seemed that the leaf mutated in its early development somehow,
grew out as a pitcher, reminiscent of a Heliamphora type of leaf, then
after a couple of weeks reverted to its original shape. I will
photograph the leaf immediately next time knowing now that it is a short
lived occurrence. This all goes to further validate what Juerg Steiger
wrote in response as to it being a localized malformation of the
individual leaf rather then a genetic mutation in the plant. I look
forward to seeing this in the other Pinguicula that he mentions. I have
them but have never seen them malform like this. I will of course send
the photos if I get any to the cpn so we all can see them.
Well thats all for now. Thanks again to all who took the time to
tell me what a Bild-Schoner was.
Good Growing
btw Jos, was your P. moranensis from seed or tissue cultured? Has any one
else seen this occur and was it form seed or tissue culture?