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jos franken (
Mon, 4 Dec 95 22:57:28 PST

Hello fellow CP-enthusiasts,

I'm new to this list, so I'd like to introduce myself:
My name is Jos Franken and I live in Breda in the Netherlands.
For many years I searched for a hobby a little less dull and a bit more
extravagant than collecting stamps. About two years ago I found Adrian Slacks
Carnivorous Plants in a local bookstore, bought it and was immediately
addicted to CPs.
I already had a S. flava that grew happily (?) in a kind of fishbowl for
almost 15 years and every year I bought a new VFT or D. capensis,
that invariably died within 2 months.
After reading Slack that completely changed; I now have about 25 CPs and at
least a dozen I can easily multiply.
Most of my CPs are Droserae, I have 3 Utricularias, a few Pinguiculas and
Sarracenias and one very unhealthy H.nutans.
I have a few questions:
* I don't know anyone in my neighborhood who is also a CP collector.
Will every CP-lover living in Holland or Flanders please contact me at so we can exchange plants and seedlings.
* When I sow seed in sphagnum, even finely chopped sphagnum, it grows so vigo-
rously that my CP-seeds are choked. When I sow in peat/sand aa (i.e. equal
parts) I also have a lot of moss growth (normal moss, liver moss and
sphagnum) and a lot of weeding is necessary to let the seedlings grow above
the mosses.
Is there a moss-killer that I can safely spray on my seedlings?
* One of my P.moranensis is forming two peculiar shaped leaves; on a stalk of
about 2 to 2,5 cm long there is a pitcher-like leaf of 8 to 11 mm long and
4 to 8 mm wide. Is this normal or is it very extraordinary?


Name: jos franken
Phone: +31 76 522 8411 or +31 76 522 6370 Fax: +31 76 522 1967
Smail: Graaf Hendrik III ln 79b, 4819 CD BREDA, THE NETHERLANDS