Re: U. campbelliana vs. U. buntingiana

Isao Takai (
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 14:41:22 +0900

Dear Christoph,

You wrote:

> To Isao, Jan, and Barry,
> I just got through looking at some new pictures that were put up on the CP
> D-Base. I looked at a plant that was under the heading U. campbelliana. I
> believe this is an error, though I cannot be certain without having seen the
> plants in person. The plant pictured I believe is U. buntingiana, and not
> cambelliana. Like I said, I I have not seen the plant in its habitat, but
> know that U. campbelliana has red/orange flowers (according to Peter Taylor)
> and that U. buntingiana has lavander/pale mauve flowers (also according to
> Taylor).
> Comments anyone?
> Christoph

I checked it now. I clicked 'image:isao7'. U.jamesoniana appeared....!
I think it was caused by my poor English skill. I will ask Rick to correct
Yes, you are right. U.campbelliana has red/orange flower. It is beautiful. I
think Rick will put the pictures on the CP Data Base.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards from Japan

P.S. U.jamesoniana (Ms.Shibata found) does not look like
U.buntingiana(according to Taylor's book).