Re: CP digest 546

Fri, 01 Dec 95 18:08:29 PST

I've noticed some brown small circular patching appearing on some leaves of my
Nep. tentaculata. The patches tend to be speckled and fairly small. The leaves
have turned yellow in some cases and tends to work outwards from the stem. I ha
ve noticed that a N. ventricosa and tobaica later seemed to develop a similar p
attern. Are virus very common in Neps and if so is destruction the only solutio
n. What types of virus might be causing the problem (If there are any virologis
ts out there). Also of note is the discoloration is indistinct no defined edges
on the patches. There is some stem discoloration midstem on the N. ventricosa
and tobaica. I've isolated the rest of Neps in the area which are veitchii, mir
abilis and trichocarpa. None of these plants are displaying any symptoms. I had
Utric nephrophylla,praelonga tricolor also in the area. Any thoughts whether t
hey could transmit this virus, again no signs of marks on the Utrics. Can I pro
pagate a seemingly untainted part of the plant or would this virus (if a virus)
be systemic. Thanks Kirk Martin