neps + high temps
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 18:20:05 -0500

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>now I think the highland species of Nepenthes don't have to suffer during=
>summer. I am cultivating a lot of highlandsp. in an earth-greenhouse (it =
>1,5 m in the ground). so I can keep the temperature lower in summer.
>Nevertheless the temperature rises sumetimes up to 33 =F8C. But most of t=
>species tolerate this - if the night temperature is low enough!
>My N. tentaculata is one of the Nepenthes, which tolerate higher temp.!

I would agree with this. This past summer all my Nepenthes experienced temps
up to 100F (38C). But as long as night time temps dropped down to 75F (25C)
they were fine. In fact my N. rajah actually became more robust. The problem
was keeping up with watering....