Re: D. intermedia

Peter Cole (
Sat, 25 Nov 1995 22:02:15 GMT (Charles Wong) writes:

> Could I know what the average height of Drosera intermedia should be?
> I've got a pot of them and the leaves are about 1.5 cm in length each, and
> the height is about 2 cm, excluding flowers. Seeds are already being
> produced now, so I guessed that they're already fully grown.

D. intermedia is a very variable (and widespread,) species, but
this sounds smaller than I have seen - could it in fact be
rotundifolia? My intermedia are about 4cm leaf-length, and I have
seen plants described as well over twice that. You could try some
of Lowrie's "Giant form" intermedia - I gather it's about as big as
it gets.

> Are there any other species of Drosera that are larger?

Plenty - D. capensis is a nice bushy plant up to 10-15cm, and there's
a 'giant' form that will get to twice that. Some of the scrambling
Australian species will reach 1.5m+ if height is what you want.
D. filiformis grows to 10-25cm - the D. 'California Sunset' hybrid
is the largest. I'd guess, apart from the pygmies, most Drosera are
quite a bit larger than your plants. If you'd like to trade a bit
of your seed for something larger, drop me an Email - I'd be
interested in 'miniature' intermedia :)

Happy growing,