Re: Sarracenia Tissue Culture

Clarke Brunt (
Thu, 23 Nov 1995 23:07:57 +0000

On 23 Nov 95 at 4:18, (343)-401-6659 wrote:

> > It takes me maybe two years to get a
> > reasonably sized little Sarracenia - possibly
> > tissue-culture can bring quicker results.
> I'm making a flagrant display of my ignorance about
> tissue culture here, but could someone please tell
> me how growing a plant from a few of its cells in a
> Petri dish could produce a full-grown plant quicker
> than planting a seed ? In both cases, you're starting
> out at about the same scale...

I hope someone else follows up, as I've never tissue-cultured
anything. I think in the initial stages of tissue-culture, the
cells can divide repeatedly and quickly, soon giving you a far
greater mass of undifferentiated cells than you would achieve
with a seedling. Once you try to get it to develop into normal
plants, then I don't really know. Maybe it isn't quicker, but you
get a lot more plants. If it is quicker, perhaps it's just because
of the large mass of cells that you have by then.

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