Re: CP digest 532

Jan Schlauer (
Sat, 18 Nov 1995 12:02:54 +0100

Dear Fernando,

> Knowing the variability of Drosera in W.A. from site to site, I
>would assume that this Yarloop form IS different from the TYPE. Though I
>don't know the TYPE location for D.gigantea, I would imagine Allen
>Lowrie is naming the site exactly because the plants that grow there are
>not the same as the TYPE plants.

They are not identical with the type of _D.gigantea gigantea_ (this is the
reason why LOWRIE has named them _D.gigantea geniculata_) but they are
certainly identical with the type of _D.gigantea geniculata_ (otherwise
LOWRIE would have assigned the specimen to a distinct taxon).

Kind regards