Re: D. gigantea ssp. geniculata - Reply

Jan Schlauer (
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 11:29:59 +0100

Glenn and Terry,

>>who out there is familiar with the differences between the various
>>forms of D. gigantea? The CP database gives a Kew Bulletin reference
>>for D. gigantea ssp. geniculata. Presumably this is a description of
>>the TYPE for which Lowrie sells seeds. He also sells seeds for
>>YARLOOP. Does anyone know what the differences between TYPE and
>>YARLOOP are? Could anyone give a reference for a description of
>There may be no difference at all. I can only assume that Yarloop
>refers to where the plant was collected. For those interested, Yarloop
>is 123km south of Perth in Western Australia.

Already in his publication "CP of AU, vol.2", when LOWRIE first featured
his new taxon under a nomen nudum (which I would prefer to call a variety
rather than a subspecies because there seems to be no geographic
disjunction between this and typical _D.gigantea_), he mentioned that
_D.g.gen._ is known from only two localities.

The type of _D.g.gen._ is :

2 km N Brennans Ford on Scott River Road, W.A., 16. 9. 1984, A.Lowrie
s.n. (PERTH)

, and the other locality is Yarloop.

You can bet if there was any recognizable difference between the two
populations, LOWRIE would have named them as *two* new taxa. The original
description is presumably not limited to features of the type but takes
into account also the plants from Yarloop.

Kind regards