Re: Lowrie interview - Reply
Thu, 23 Nov 1995 08:18:04 +0930

To all those interested,

> The latest news from down under is that Allen's 3rd book will come >out sometime in the first
semester of '96. This is still really hot, >boiling news. Allen just told me so when he called me in late

>Sorry but I cannot find this to be news at all. As I have stated for
>several times already, I am really tired of hearing these announcements
(>which we keep receiving for several YEARS already). Please tell me
when you have your copy (and
>not earlier). TNX.

The release of this book is being delayed by the publisher. They
consider it a low volume job and so other higher profile and volume
books get priority. We have been recently informed that they have
delayed the printing again and the book will not be available until the
second half of 1996.