nepenthes & d. adelae

Jean Dewitte (
Wed, 22 Nov 95 18:23 +0100

Thanks to Dave Evans for his tribute to n. rajah <BG> Jokes apart, yes
you are right Dave, the highlanders suffer a bit in summer, but I cope
with that by hanging them lower in the greenhous. I manage to keep the
temperature below 33 deg C by shading, ventilating and humidifying. The
ones that give most of the problems are n. tentaculata funny enough. On
the other hand in winter they thrive well, with daytemps around 20 and
nights of 15 deg C. But then the lowlanders complain. In the end, you
can't win! Re d. adelae, they just stand in plenty of spaghnum on the
floor of the grrenhous and help themselves. No dormancy seen after four
years, and they look a happy 20 cm dia, propagating at liberty. John De